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So this is my first blog post. Hello. Hmmm. I don't normally even like talking to people in person, so I'm not sure how this will go. I'm not anti-social, just awkward. Sorry. I'd like to say it's a British thing, but it's really not. It's just me. Strange because I love getting up on stage and shaking my tail feather. I was an actor for many years and never got stage fright. I always liked being the center of attention. I think it was British pub culture that I first realized I was a bit quiet. You'd rarely get to sit. Just stand in a tight circle holding your pint talking crap. I hate talking crap. I hate standing with a bunch of blokes in a circle drinking a pint, too. Maybe because I'm a bit short. I don't know. Anyway, in Pittsburgh you drink a pint and sit in a booth. And that's why I love Pittsburgh. Booths. America does booths very well. England, you need more booths. And cheaper drinks. Pittsburgh you've got some great spots for cheap drinks. Give me cheap drinks and a booth and I'm happy.

I'm pretty sure I was always destined for Pittsburgh life. Apart from the winters. The winters are too cold.

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