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10 Questions

1. Where are you from?


I'm from Bromley in Kent, England. So now you know, I'm not actually technically from London. I'm from just outside London. South. It's quaint. You'd like it. Ssshhh.


2. Why Pittsburgh?


You guessed it - a lovely lady. Amy is originally from Beaver County which is a suburb of Pittsburgh. We met in London and have lived here for seven years. We never meant to settle here - it just happened. Pittsburgh has a way of not letting you go.


3. What do you do here in Pittsburgh?


I'm a performer. I play guitar and sing in every weird and wonderful place you can think of. I've been writing my own music for about 15 years. I also play piano, ukelele and most recently, banjo.


4. Any projects you're working on with Boulevard of the Allies?


I play with Boulevard of the Allies. We're an all out rock band. We have fun. Check out our new album at 


5. How about a solo record?


Yes! I have the songs. Bluegrass blues country-esque pop songs! Even some written on banjo and uke. I'm working on it!


6. Favorite things about Pittsburgh?


It's underrated. So many great secrets only the inhabitants know about. Great musicians and friends here too. Good people. London was often tricky because it was so hip, pretentious and expensive. Pittsburgh is laid back. It suits me better. 


7. Who are your biggest influences?


Sorry but like so many people, it's the Beatles. They make it sound so easy to write a hook that obvious. I also love Django Rheinhardt, CCR, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Free. More modern acts? I admire Rufus Wainwright, Phoenix, the late Amy Winehouse and as a kid I was a massive Michael Jackson fan. 


8. Plans for the near future?


Pursue a new solo project, get the solo album roliing. I'm thinking of maybe a ukelele led group with strings. That'd be cool. Something different. I'd also like to get back to the piano. I have a love hate relationship. It was actually my first instrument. 


9. What's your day job?


I run Joel Lindsey Entertainment. Aside from singing and playing guitar, I also DJ and MC private events. So if there's a wedding, I take care of all of that, from ceremony music to party DJ. I also do event lighting and have a photographer and videographer. Amy is even my wedding officiant (and is amazing!). This all emerged in the last two year, but it's been great. I continue to avoid ever having to spend my days in an office job! 


I also teach a few guitar lessons. I love inspiring young people with music. I have several budding young songwirters who will hopefully go on to make me very rich one day!


10. Finally, tell us some secrets about you!

Hmm. Let's see. I'm most inspired the moment before my plane takes off to go somewhere. I have a weakness for red meat. I love the snow in PIttsburgh even though I always complain about it. I constantly tell Amy that I think our dog Django is my evil nemesis, but really he's my best little bud. I guess that's it. Oh yeah, I'm not actually human, I'm from the planet Kezti, a helium star 47 light years from Neptune. 

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